The ABC of the best online casinos

The best online casinos for real money are fair and transparent. They make payments to their winners regularly and without any hassles. In terms of technology, these casinos are way ahead of their peers and go the extra mile to secure the personal information of their users. If you think you gamble on the best online casino in the world, look out for the letters. 'https' before the unique resource locator of your website. It should look like this > The letters 'https' denote that your website is safe for making online payments. Great online casinos are simple to sign-up on and easy to navigate. You can locate your information easily on your casino.

Types of online casinos and their games

Broadly, there are two kinds of online casinos- Web browser based and Downloadable. The former can be accessed on the internet with your browser. To run these casinos on your mobile device, desktop or tablet, you need to have special software such as Flash and Shockwave. Flash-based games of these online casinos are immensely popular among gamblers worldwide chiefly because they don't need to be installed on your device which is already packed with so many apps. You can take your favorite casino and its games anywhere with you, play them as and when you want. Many modern online casinos can work with HTML5 technologies also.

  • These days, it is far easy to play online games on mobile than desktops
  • You get the same functionality on your mobile games as on desktops

Downloadable casinos, as the word suggest, can be downloaded and installed on your device. Since these casinos have very large files, you need to clean up your device before downloading them. Getting these casinos on your devices takes time, but once installed, these work very fast, even faster, than the web browser friendly casinos. Despite this functionality, downloadable casinos aren't that much preferred by gamblers. If you are thinking of downloading these casinos, please check if the casino software is carrying any viruses. If you are an Apple device owner, please install Chrome or some other compatible browser to access web browser based casinos. These devices may not work with Flash.

Games on best online casinos-Online slots

The top online casinos stock up the latest and the best games. Online slots remain the most popular games among gamblers worldwide. These games deliver you the same gaming experience to online players as they give in land-based casinos. There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video. Classic slots are known for fruits, candies, bells, whistles, etc. as symbols. Every video slot is marked by its unique features such as its theme, story line, graphics, sound effects, and animation. Video slots also have some symbols like the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. These symbols pay less than the others. Other symbols depend upon the theme of the particular slot.

Some online slots have Wilds and Scatters. These symbols help you win your game, get bonus rounds or unlock additional free spins. Wilds help you get the winning combinations of symbols and can replace any symbol in the game. For example, if you need 3 Aces to land a winning combination but have just 2 Aces, the Wild can plug this gap. There are three kinds of Wilds- Walking, Multiplier, and Expanding Wilds. Scatters help you unlock new features in your game such as bonus rounds, bonus symbols or additional free spins. Before playing your slot, set your bet levels, choose your number of spins then click SPIN.


Roulette and Jackpots

Roulette is often called the King of the Casino. You can play online roulette on your gambling website. It is a table based game and it involves a revolving wheel placed on a table. This wheel is divided into several numbered sections. When the croupier ( dealer) drops a white ball on the wheel, the player lays a bet on any numbered slot on which the ball would fall and later rest. There are two main kinds of bets- Inside and Outside. Inside bets are laid out on individual numbers or groups of numbers and have low odds. If you win your Inside bet, you can win as much as 35x your stake.

Some great online casinos have jackpots and progressive jackpots-based online slots. The size of a jackpot is always fixed and the winner takes it all. On the other hand, the size of a progressive jackpot keeps increasing every time with every new bet. Let's say the size of a jackpot is $ 1 million at a given instant. When a new player joins in. he lays a bet of $3 on this jackpot. In this case, the size of this jackpot increases by 0.25%. So this is how the size increases progressively. Winning jackpots isn't easy as there are lots of players in the fray. However, with the right kind of skill, you can win your jackpot.

  • Start by laying small bets
  • Master your game before playing for real money

Online casinos and their bonuses

Every top casino offers attractive bonuses to its players. When you sign up on a new casino, you are offered a Welcome Bonus. This may be a Deposit or a No Deposit Bonus. A Deposit Bonus is given when you make an initial deposit while making your account. Deposit bonuses can be divided into Matching and Percentage Bonuses. A No Deposit Bonus is offered when you choose not to make an initial deposit with your casino. Please note that these bonuses are virtual money that need to be wagered according to some conditions laid down by your casino. Loyal players are often offered Weekly or Monthly Reload Bonuses when they renew their casino accounts.

If you are a High Roller, you can get a special bonus that is not available to others. The best online casinos always encourage their new players from betting regularly. If as a new player you lose money on your bet, your casino might return a certain percentage of this money to you. This is called a Cashback Bonus. Sometimes a casino might award an Exclusive Bonus to players who create their accounts from specific websites. If you have deposited a very big amount with your casino, the latter might offer you a bonus as a percentage of your deposit. Please look out for bonus offers in your mail box.

  • Bonuses must be utilized within a time period
  • Bonuses help you unlock new features and benefits in your game


Privacy Policy and Responsible Gaming

Every great online casino understands that online gambling must be safe and pleasant. To this end, the world's top online casinos encourage responsible gambling among their players. For instance, if you think you are getting addicted to gambling, you can shut off your casino for a certain period. During this period, your casino won't approach you at all. Gambling regulators also encourage casinos to follow safe gambling practices. For example, the latter are required to restrict the activities of compulsive gamblers. Online casinos must not allow underage people from gambling on their websites. The world's best online casinos also don't allow money laundering and other illegal activities on their websites.

When you park your information on your online casino, it takes all the right steps to secure all your data. Your online casino tells you in exact terms how it collects information, stores it, processes it and shares your information with third parties. All these details can be found in the Privacy Policy document on the casino's website. The world's top casinos also use the right and latest technologies like Secure Socket Layer technology to keep your data hidden from others. All the information interchange is done using the latest encryption technologies. All the servers of your online casino are also secured from viruses and other attacks.

Last modified: 23 January 2021